Top 5 Book Recs for Hufflepuffs | Top 5 Tuesday

Picture of the Hufflepuff Common Room from Pottermore
Hufflepuff Common Room; Pottermore

This is the third week in Feburary and therefore my third entry in the month-long Harry Potter themed Top 5 Tuesdays. If you haven’t come across one of these yet, the themes come from Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm. This week’s house is Hufflepuff!

I’ve met many Hufflepuffs – my own father is a Hufflepuff! – and they are all such lovely people and very proud of their house. I always think of Hufflepuff as such a happy-go-lucky type house, very warm and welcoming. Let’s look at the traits:

Picture of Hufflepuff Crest
Hufflepuff Crest; Pottermore

Hufflepuff Traits

The Sorting Hat; Pottermore

According to the Sorting Hat, “you might belong in Hufflepuff,/ Where they are just and loyal,/ Those patient Hufflepuffs are true/ And unafraid of toil,” (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).

Portrait of Helga Hufflepuff
Helga Hufflepuff; Pottermore

Hufflepuff’s known for their trustworthiness, loyalty, and having a strong work ethic. According to Pottermore Fandom Wiki, Hufflepuff is also the house that has produced the fewest Dark wtiches and wizards, which is an interesting fact and one that supports my idea of Hufflepuffs being very warm and welcoming.

Hufflepuff colors are black and yellow, and the house animal is the badger.

Now that we know the traits, here are my recommendations for those of House Hufflepuff!

1. Never Let Me Go

Cover of Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go."

I’ve picked this book for one particular reason: Kathy, the main character. The book itself is one of my favorite books and Ishiguro’s writing is gorgeous stuff, but despite it being my favorite, my sole reason for putting it on this list is because of Kathy.

I think, if Kathy were sorted, she’d be a Hufflepuff. Kathy has every last one of the traits that make up a Hufflepuff. She’s insanely loyal to her friends, especially to Tommy, whom she loves very deeply. She’s also very hardworking. When she gets a job, she gives it everything and she does not shy away from the hard realities of the world she lives in and she’s not afraid to work hard. She also stays true to herself and true to the love that she and Tommy share with each other. Additionally, she is unerringly patient. Hell, she waits years for Tommy to wake up and realize he loves her, too!

It’s just a great book. Please, go read it, Hufflepuff or no.

2. As You Wish

Cover of Cary Elwes' "As You Wish"

I love, love, love Cary Elwes, and The Princess Bride and when I first saw this book, I bought it immediately. It’s such an excellent book and Cary’s loving tale of the making of this film is so endearing that you just fall in love with the whole thing and with the people connected to this film.

I think Hufflepuffs will connect greatly to Elwes’ work ethic and his unending loyalty to Rob Reiner and crew during and after the making of this film. On every page you can just feel the warmth and pride he has for this movie and for every last person who worked on it. It’s such a warm and fuzzy book and I think all you Hufflepuffs will really dig it – if you haven’t read it already!

3. The Wild Robot

Cover of Peter Brown's "The Wild Robot"

Peter Brown’s book is a middle-grade adventure story involving a robot who ends up on a wild island instead of where she’s supposed to be. It chronicles her growth and survival in a place that would otherwise be considered completely inhospitable to a technological creature.

I absolutely love this story and Roz, the robot, is one of the most lovable characters I’ve ever read. She’s incredibly hardworking – she learns to speak animal in order to communicate with the creatures around her, she saves many animal lives, and she creates shelter when it is desperately needed. She also saves and becomes mother to a goose, whom she loves dearly and is completely loyal to. It’s short, it’s sweet, and there’s a sequel.

Roz is a bit of an outcast at first, but she is gradually accepted then loved by the animals that surround her. They take her in as part of their community and it reminds me so much of Helga Hufflepuff’s promise to teach all the rest that the other houses might reject. Though Roz is so very inorganic, she becomes one with the forest and its creatures.

4. The Kiss Quotient

Cover of Helen Hoang's "The Kiss Quotient"

I just recently read this book, though it’s been on my for a while. I loved the premise of it and the book totally lived up to the hype. It was so cute! If you’re a romance fan, as well as a Hufflepuff, this book is the perfect choice. Stella is totally a Hufflepuff. She’s dedicated to her job, but not ambitious, she just loves doing math. She’s incredibly loyal to those she loves, and she’s definitely patient. Which brings me to Michael, her love interest!

Michael’s definitely Hufflepuff, too. He’s also hardworking, trying to keep his family together. And his loyalty to his family and Stella is through the roof! He’s one of those people that will support their loved ones even if it means sacrificing their own dreams or ambitions.

I just love the feel-good aspect of this story. Stella is so sweet and lovable and Michael is totally endearing and watching them fall in love so enjoyable. It’s a really sweet romance and diverse, too!

5. Landscape with Invisible Hand

Cover of M. T. Anderson's "Landscape with Invisible Hand"

Okay, so this book is a little out of left field, but I have a weird soft spot for it and I think it belongs on this list, if only because of its quirkiness. The story takes place in the future where an alien species, the vuvv, have discovered Earth, and instead of taking it over are merely happy with becoming benevolent overlords, if only for the rich and successful.

For everyone else, live is pretty sucky and difficult, which is why Adam ends up entering an art contest that offers the opportunity for him to become wealthy, his family to be taken care of, and an tour of the universe showing off his art to other aliens.

It’s a sci-fi novella with lots of humor and strangeness and I don’t think it fits most places, which is why I want to put it here because I think it’s so good and I want to share the love. Even if you don’t like sci-fi, it’s very light and accessible and it’s so short you can read it in a day. I recommend it because of the humor and Adam’s fresh take on everything.


So those are the recommendations. Take some time to let me know your thoughts on the list and whether you’re thinking of picking any of them up. I’d love to know!

If you’ve read any of these, share your thoughts down in the comments!

Are you in Hufflepuff? What do you think of the list? What might you recommend? I hope I’ve swayed you to read at least one of these charming books. If I have, I’d love to hear about your take on it.

Cheers for reading!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Recs for Hufflepuffs | Top 5 Tuesday

    1. She’s definitely smart enough and dedicated enough to be a Ravenclaw (especially since she has such a strong focus on one thing: Math).

      She’s could very easily swing both ways – a Ravenpuff! (Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a Ravenpuff, myself πŸ™‚ )


  1. So many great books in here but I feel so bad for not having read any of them yet. Though The Kiss Quotient is on my TBR. I’m a hufflepuff and I loved your recs! Will surely check them out. Fuzzy chill reads are what comes to my mind first when hearing my house, haha. Oh, and cakes and cookies! Awesome list, btw πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad to hear! I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚ I loved Kiss Quotient and I’m looking forward to Helen Hoang’s new book, which should be coming out this year: “The Bride Test.”

      Liked by 1 person

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