Oy With the Reading Already Tag | Gilmore Girls Book Tag

Yes, another Book Tag I can get behind!

Boy, as soon as I saw this book tag, I knew I was doing it even before I saw any of the prompts! Gilmore Girls was my tween/teen childhood! I watched it religiously and I still go back for re-watching every so often because I love immersing myself in the world of Stars Hollow.

This tag was created by Rhi (check out her lovely blog here!) and who I discovered through the wonderful Purely Olivia on her blog of this tag. See, right there two other examples of this tag for you to discover which means even more books to check out!

Okay, now that we’ve got all that squared away, time for the post:

Luke – A Grumpy Character

Typical Luke; Giphy

Hamish – The Hunger Games. Without doubt one of the grumpiest characters I’ve ever read. He’s perpetually in a bad-mood, but he also cares deeply about Katniss and wants her to succeed, which means being a good mentor, despite being put-out all the time. Now that’s a relationship I can get behind!

Typical Haymitch; Giphy

Plus, he can be pretty funny when he wants to be and I love he’s snarky cynicism.

Lorelai – A Fast-Talking Character

Don’t cross her; Giphy

Digby – Trouble is a Friend of Mine.He could definitely give Lorelai a run for her money as far as babbling goes. He’s confident, loves to talk, and is an overall funny guy. Not to mention, he can be hella confusing, but I love him to death! I’m so glad he exists as a character, because honestly, he’s one of my favorites of all time.

If you haven’t read this series, you definitely should, because Digby is worth it!

Rory – A Book Dragon (Inside the Book)

We must protect them!; Giphy

Klaus – A Series of Unfortunate Events. Is there a bigger bookworm than Klaus? (Honestly, though, I struggled to pick for this one, because I wanted to put Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice here as well, but also Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey, too. Does anyone write a better bookworm than Jane Austen? I’ll wait.)

But seriously, Klaus is an avid reader and he uses it as a weapon. ‘Nuff said.

Klaus, always; Giphy

Sookie – Ideal Best Friend

Sookie is literally the best; Giphy

Hermione – Harry Potter. I love Hermione so much and I would love for her to be my best friend. If she were real, I feel we would be – we both love books and libraries (I work in one!), we both are know-it-alls (in the best way possible), and we both love to learn. Plus, we both have a passion for things we believe in, like human rights (or in her case, house elf rights!). We fight for what we believe in and we dedicate ourselves to making the world better in the ways that we can. I love her and I want her to be my bestie.

The best of friendships; Giphy

Richard – Book for Comfort

Truth!; Giphy

Okay, so a Harry Potter follow-up to a Harry Potter book. I know, but honestly Harry Potter has gotten me through every rough patch in my life. I suffer from anxiety and when I was younger, it was really bad. I couldn’t sleep. The only thing that could get me to sleep was listening to Harry Potter (thank you, Jim Dale, you are an excellent reader!). It is by far the best comfort book I can think of for me. I turn to it always.

Boyfriend – A Character a Love Interest Would Hang Out With

Cutie pie; Giphy

Peter – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series. I’m Team Dean – yes, we exist and we’d thank you to keep your voice down. I think Dean is the sweetest and cared the most for Rory as a person, without trying to change her or pressure her. I think Dean is overlooked or misunderstood. Kinda like Peter Kavinsky. He might seem like he’s one thing, but then turns out to be another. I think both Peter and Dean have a way of molding themselves to the lives of their S.O.s and I really think they’re both sweet and attentive and do their best to be there for their partners.

Another cutie pie; Giphy

Emily – A Long Term Relationship

Typical; Giphy

Jamie & Claire – Outlander Series. They’re relationship is one of the longest I’ve ever encountered in a book series – I mean, it has stood the tests of time (literally). And I love them both so much. I think it’s one of the best romance relationships I’ve ever read and I’m so glad I can ship them here!

I love that they both support each other, but aren’t afraid to share their difference of opinion. They both bring different things to their relationship and it makes them so much stronger in the long run. They’re just so great!

They always do; Giphy

Lane – A Musical Character

Get it, Lane!; Giphy

Dexter – This Lullaby. Yay! Another chance to share my love of all things Dexter! He’s a musician in a band – The Truth Squad! And he’s totally head over heels for Remy and together they make an awesome team. I think they’re a pretty good example of opposites attract. They both have their differences in character, and while they don’t change for the other person, they do soften a bit and become better people as a result. Honestly, they’re adorable.

Miss Patty – A Book You Told All Your Friends About

A pair of gossipy gals; Giphy

A Room With a View. A. Classic. I’m totally into Forster’s writing and this book is sublime. It’s got sweeping, picturesque Italian scenes, a ridiculously dorky leading male character who breathes the love of life and freedom into the otherwise boring, straight-laced world of the heroine. There are so many times I’ve brought this book up as a recommendation for people. I’ve even loaned my copy to people (I’m that desperately brave) and I don’t care that it’s classic fiction and people tend to pull away from that sort of thing. This. Book. Is. Beautiful. Please, do yourselves a favor and read it if you haven’t already.

And look at that view!; Giphy

Liz/T.J. – A Book That Was a Mess of Emotions

What a pair; Giphy

Asking For It. I just read this book and it messed me up. Big time. I can honestly say, it’s one of the angriest times I’ve ever had while reading a book. And the saddest. And the most hopeless. This book revolves around a rape and if you don’t already know, it gets really real and very hurtful fast. It’s definitely not for those who are easily upset or triggered because it is full of triggers. This book is serious and yet it is so, so important. It brings up much needed conversation around points that our current society wants to ignore: consent, slut shaming, rape. If you’re a feminist, you should read it. If you’re not a feminist you should read it because you will become a feminist once you do.

Paris – An Intense Reading Session + The Book Read

Buckle up, it’s time to read; Giphy

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. I’m fairly new to the Romance with a capital R genre. This book swept me right off my feet and carried me away. I loved it instantly. And I read page after page. There wasn’t a solid reading session – unless you count my finishing this book. I was mostly done with it and I wanted to finish it before I went to bed because I just had to know what happens! And so I read well past my bedtime and it was great. I loved the ending and I love the book and I was really please with my choice! (Plus, I didn’t know that Christian Lauren is, in fact, two people: Christina and Lauren, a friends who write together situation. Awesome!)

And that’s the end!

Have you read any of the books I mentioned on this list? Have you seen Gilmore Girls? I sincerely hope that you have – or that you’re on your way to watching it because it’s such a good show!

I’m so glad this tag exists so that I could fangirl about it for a bit! This was so much fun!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

I tag every and all fans of Gilmore Girls! Please give this post the sharing boost it deserves!

4 thoughts on “Oy With the Reading Already Tag | Gilmore Girls Book Tag

  1. This was such a great post! Klaus is such a great bookish character to use, I love him (and Violet and Sunny) so much. I also agree that Hermione is really such a great friend. Her friendship with Harry and Ron is one of my favorites! I just love how she and Harry have a brother-sister relationship. πŸ™‚


    1. Me, too! It is such a great show. I re-watch it all the time! Glad you enjoyed! 😊


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