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I’m super pumped about this topic because I absolutely love mystery/thrillers. I’ve been getting more into the genre in recent years. Though I haven’t read as many as I have on my TBR, I’m slowly working my way through them. This list are some of my favorites that I’ve come across so far – and yes, they are mind-blowing! (To be perfectly honest, I don’t usually solve the whodunnits before the end, so my mind is blown a lot – but this list includes books that rate high for me, personally, as well.)

Let’s get to it:

1. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

Book cover of "The Seven Deaths of Eveyln Hardcastle" by Stuart Turton

Honestly, this book blew my mind as much as when I saw Inception for the first time, which means I was speechless and could think of nothing else for weeks. I love this book and it’s definitely going to be revisited by me again and again and I’m really stoked for whatever Turton happens to write. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this book, you need to.

This also happened to be the first ARC I ever reviewed for NetGalley, so it has a special place in my heart.

2. The Last Time I Lied – Riley Sager

Book Cover of "The Last Time I Lied" by Riley Sager

I read this for a gal pal book club and it was fantastic! I definitely didn’t see the reveal coming and there were quite a few twists to throw you off the scent, anyway. It’s a really great mystery/thriller, especially if you’ve ever gone to summer camp, since the story takes place at one and if you know first hand what summer camp is like, this story will creep you out!

3. The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Book cover of "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown

This book fascinated me when I first read it. I was lucky enough to have the copy my grandmother owned, which was the illustrated edition, so it had inserts of all the art/artifacts mentioned in the book, which was super helpful! I loved the thrill and adventure that came along with this story and I was definitely kept guessing until the end. I really enjoy Brown’s use of art history to wrap up the trilling mystery in.

4. Sadie – Courtney Summers

I only just read this book this past month, but honestly, it was amazing. It totally stood up to all the hype. I really love the way this story is framed in such an interesting manner, with a podcast journalist trying to track Sadie down and jumping back to what Sadie was actually doing. The only thing that disappointed me is that the resolution is not firm, but leaves you wondering, which is not something I particularly enjoy in my mysteries (I want to know everything!).

But the vehicle that this mystery is driven in is just so cool and interesting, that I have to still rate it high. The writing is superb and the story will definitely suck you in and not let go.

5. Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

Book cover of "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie

This is honestly my favorite mystery novel (and subsequently, my favorite Agatha Christie novel). I love the investigative twists and turns and I love how detailed it is. It’s just so great! And Hercule Poirot is an amazing detective and deserves all the praise. I definitely consider this book a must-read if you’re a mystery/thriller buff. It’s a classic and it’s so brilliant.


Well, that’s the list and I can’t wait to come across more mystery/thrillers that could possibly go on here. I’m excited, because I recently acquired In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and I’m hoping I’ll love it and that it’ll spook me.

But what are your thoughts about my list? See any of your favorites? Have I not come across one of yours? Suggest it to me! Let’s chat in the comments! And, as always, happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Mind Blowing Mystery/Thrillers | Top 5 Tuesdays

    1. Wow, I didn’t know. But I’m not surprised, because it really is an excellent mystery. I hope you do get the chance to finish it 🙂


    1. Yes, it definitely helped! I’m lucky my grandmother bought it because it was a bestseller and all the rage at the time. And that she let me borrow it. We don’t live in the same state, so, she was prepared to never see it again, lol.

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