Down the TBR Hole #2

Down The TBR Hole is a meme created by lost in a story that revolves around cleansing your TBR of all those books you’re never going to read and sort through it all to know what’s actually on there.

So, my last post (a.k.a my first post in this meme series), I managed to get my 582 books long TBR down to a whopping 577. Unfortunately, since then, I’ve added more books, so now I’m back up to 580. Let’s hope, by the end of this post, I’ll have brought it down some more. Who knows?

The rules:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 (or even more!) if you’re feeling adventurous) books. Of course, if you do this weekly, you start where you left off the last time.
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

Picking up from where I left off:

Q&A – Vikas Swarup

Book cover of "Q & A" by Vikas Swarup

So, I had no idea that Slumdog Millionaire was based off a book – this book. When I found out, I was a little heartbroken, because I always try to read a book before watching its movie version. But since that didn’t happen, I wanted to correct this immediately and, thus, put this book on my TBR. It has now been years. I still haven’t read it. It sounds so interesting and amazing, but I don’t know that I’ll ever manage to find time to pick it up, which is sad. But maybe in the future? Still, I don’t think it warrants space on my TBR anymore. I’m only fooling myself…

Verdict: GO

In the Woods – Tana French

Book cover of "In the Woods" by Tana French

Okay, I actually have plans to read this book this year. It’s going to happen. Everyone I’ve ever met or heard of talking about this book series, and this author, have raved about it and her, so I definitely don’t want to miss out. Plus, I’m really digging the crime novel scene and I want to read more. I’m not ready to let it go yet, and this book sounds super cool – plus, it takes place in Dublin (which I’ve been to, and it’s one of my favorite places), so I definitely want to crack this one open.

Verdict: KEEP

The Queen’s Fool – Philippa Gregory

Book cover of "The Queen's Fool" by Philippa Gregory

I’ve been really into Plantagenet and Tudor history for a long time. Naturally, I came across Philippa Gregory early and have loved the books I’ve read by her, especially The White Queen. I don’t know why I put this particular book on my TBR except that it is part of the Plantagenet and Tudor Novel series by her. I’ve read a few here and there among this series, but not in any particular order. However, I’m not sure I’ll be reading this one, at least, not in a hurry, since it’s not about a particular character I have an interest in. Still, I won’t rule out my eventually reading it. Just not now.

Verdict: GO

A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

Book cover of "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess

Yikes. I’ve been meaning to read this classic for a while, but a part of me has always been a bit daunted by it. I mean, Burgess makes up all this new slang and the characters inside this novel are mostly cookoo for cocoa puffs. I attempted to read it at one point but could not get past the weird language of it. However, I’ve put it on one of my challenge lists for this year, so I do plan on reading it, finally, after so long. It’s just one of those books that I feel I have to read, despite my deep mistrust in the probability of my liking it. Also, I’m not watching the movie of this until I’ve read this book. That’s a fact. So either I read this book and then can watch the movie, or I’m not watching the movie ever (which doesn’t particularly bother me…).

Verdict: KEEP

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Ken Kesey

Book cover of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey

Another classic that I felt compelled to read, and it also has a classic movie version of it that everyone raves about. And I feel I can’t watch it until I’ve read this book. But honestly, I don’t know if I ever will. I’m not particularly drawn to the story description, and I don’t feel like I’ll be missing out if I pass on this one. Also, I just don’t know when I’ll want to pick it up, so it could just linger on my list for a long, long time (like it already has done). So maybe I’ll end up reading it later, surprise myself. But I’m not going to keep it on my TBR anymore with the expectation that I’ll get to it eventually. I only want books on my TBR that I know I’m going to get to, want to get to, etc.

Verdict: GO

The Green Mile – Stephen King

Book cover of "The Green Mile" by Stephen King

Okay, I have a confession to make: I’ve never read a King novel in my life. Oh sure, I’ve opened a couple and started to read them, but something or other kept me from finishing them. And I feel this is a crime. I know he’s an excellent writer and a master of his genre. And I have seen the movie version of this book (I know, another blasphemy!) and I loved it. So I put this on my list. It’s one of my dad’s favorite books, he re-reads it all the time. I feel like I should read it to. But honestly, if I’m going to read a King novel, I think I want to read one of his spookier ones. Maybe I’ll read this one eventually, who knows.

Verdict: GO

North & South – Elizabeth Gaskell

Book cover of "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell

I’m so surprised that in all my years of studying English literature in school that I never was assigned to read any of Gaskell’s work. I think it’s a crime, since I know she’s an excellent author and has written many classics, North & South being one of them. Again, we have an example of a book where I’ve seen a film interpretation first. In this case, it was a PBS miniseries. I adored it. And so, I put the book on my list. And I think I still want to get to it, eventually. I have another book of hers on my TBR, as well, so I hope to become more acquainted with her work in the future.

Verdict: KEEP

Shame – Salman Rushdie

Book cover of "Shame" by Salman Rushdie

You know, I really don’t remember why I put this on my TBR. It could be because I thought I needed to read some of Rushdie’s work, since he is an infamous author. But perhaps it was because the story sounds intriguing – two families in a bitter rivalry. I’m all about the family drama. But looking on it now, I’m not sure I’m up for reading it. I also don’t really know much about Rushdie’s work and whether or not this would be a good one to start off with or if he has a better work that might be more worth my while.

Verdict: GO

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – Lisa See

Book cover of "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See

I have several books of Lisa See’s on my TBR, but I still haven’t read any of them. I know a couple people who have read her work and love it. I have an interest in Asian literature and history, so I felt that her novels would appeal to me on that level, but I still haven’t gotten around to reading any of her stuff! I even own a copy of this book. So I’m not quite willing to give up on it yet. Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll be getting to it.

Verdict: KEEP

Shogun – James Clavell

Book cover of "Shogun" by James Clavell

Another book that appealed to me based on its focus on Asian history. I feel that the person I am now, today, is less likely to trust a sweeping epic of feudal Japan written by a white guy, but this book has a surprisingly high star rating, perhaps because Clavell is a well-established author and who has written many classics, aside from this one. However, all that noise is not enough to prompt me to pick this book up anymore, especially since this book is over 1,000 pages long! Like, really?! I struggled through George R.R. Martin’s books (and will be struggling though the Outlander series) and are books that appeal to me in many more ways that this one ever will. So no. Not today.

Verdict: GO


Kept: 4

Discarded: 6

Progress! I brought my list down to 574! I feel really stoked and I’m gonna keep this train going because I feel like, by the end of all this, I’ll probably have a more satisfactory list. It’ll still probably be way too long, but I will feel more excited about reading the books on it.


So, what do you think? Any books I cut that you wouldn’t? Any books that I’m keeping that aren’t worth my time? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you. See you next week for another meme post.

4 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole #2

  1. Great post! I go through my Goodreads every once in a while too. I just have so many books on there.

    I have read “In the Woods” before. I can tell you that it’s a story you won’t forget. It’s been like over five years since I read it and I still think about it from time to time.


  2. I really want to read north and south at some point in my life as well! Not sure when it will actually happen haah


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Gaskell is such a well established author and her work (story-wise) reminds me a lot of Jane Austen, except in the Industrial Revolution era. I hope we both get a chance to read it!

      Liked by 1 person

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