April Wrap-Up

April has ended and I can honestly say – I felt like I didn’t do a whole lot of reading this month, even though I clocked in at 10 books…

I suppose it’s because a lot of the books I read this month just felt really long…or took me a while to finish. But it’s all done now.

Here’s the breakdown:

Book Rating/Page Count:

  • Total Pages: 2,963
  • Total Books: 10
  • Total Read Harder Challenge Books: 4 (Hidden Figures, The Man in the High Castle, Home Fire, & The Whale Rider)
  • Total Reading Women Challenge Books: 2 (Hidden Figures & Home Fire)
  • Total Our Shared Shelf Books: 1 (Fierce Femmes & Notorious Liars)

I definitely made a concerted effort to up my Read Harder Challenge reading. I’m glad I decided to double up and read books that applied to both Read Harder and Reading Women. I covered a lot more ground that way.

Most of the books I read this month were pretty “meh” but I did really dislike one of the books and really love several books. I’m hoping next months batch really blows me away. I love reading books that light a fire in me or spark new interests.

Favorite Book This Month:

Book cover of "The Bride Test" by Helen Hoang

I really, really loved Hoang’s follow up to The Kiss Quotient. It was such a cute story and I had such a blast reading it! It’s definitely one of the best romance novels I’ve read ever and I’m probably going to be re-reading it because I enjoyed it so much!

Least Favorite Book This Month:

Book cover of "Again but Better" by Christine Riccio

I was deeply disappointed by this book. I haven’t posted my review yet, so I won’t go into it too much, but I was expecting something better based on the premise and was really let down. I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the writing. It failed me on numerous counts. Stay tuned for the review. It’s going to be interesting…

How about you?

How was your month of reading? Did you meet any of your goals? What was your favorite book you read this month? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. Just like for you, my ratings were all over the place this month haha
    My favourite read was Do you dream of Terra Two?


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