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I think this particular topic is unique to me because it’s a short list to choose from. When it comes to reading, I suffer a bit from ADD, in that I often can only read a few chapters of a book at a time. I get bored and my mind wanders or I’m just not into it enough to be compelled to keep reading.

So when I can’t put down a book? MAGIC! It’s crazy! Something just clicks with me and I just keep on going. The story has to speak to me and the pacing and characters have to be well crafted. So this list I have laid out for you? These are some pretty special books in my opinion. Hope you all like!

Here it goes:

1. The Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling

Of course HP is going to be on this list! I devoured these books. They were everything in my childhood and with every new release date, I would be waiting impatiently to get my hands on the next one. It is truly a remarkable series and I love it to bits and still read it to this day – it’s a comfort series. I will never get enough of it.

2. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

This was probably one of my first favorite YA romance books (aside from Sarah Dessen, the queen of YA romance!). I didn’t know how much I needed a book like this until I read it. It was funny, it was sweet, it was heartbreaking. It was a roller coaster of emotions and I enjoyed the ride immensely and couldn’t believe it when it was finally over. I wanted more. And I will always pick up another John Green book. He’s a good writer and I really enjoy reading the stories he has to share. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this book on other peoples’ lists!

3. The Martian – Andy Weir

Another favorite – you’ve seen it before if you’ve read my blog. I can rave forever about this book. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first started reading it, but it had me hooked from the get-go and I read it in a matter of days. Such brilliant writing, such an interesting story, and such a creative way to apply science fiction. It was the book I didn’t know I needed in my life. I am more than happy to put it on another list! Sorry, not sorry!

4. Every Hidden Thing – Kenneth Oppel

Cover of Kenneth Oppel's "Every Hidden Thing"

Kenneth Oppel is a storytelling genius. I love the way he crafts such beautiful, unique stories and I have yet to come across one of his books that I’ve been able to put down. His writing, his plot, his characters, everything compels you to keep reading. I fell in love with this book almost immediately and I definitely couldn’t put it down. I almost wish it were part of a series, because I’d love to spend more time in this world and with these characters. Sigh.

5. Bringing Down the House – Ben Mezrich

Yeah, I’m going to throw a non-fic in here! It is so rare to come across a non-fiction book that so captures my attention. I was excited about the premise of this story and man did it deliver! I’m a big fan of Mezrich because of this book. I was drawn into this world of uber-smart M.I.T., card-counting students and their bid to take on casinos. A story can be just a story, but with a good writer, it comes alive and really draws you in. That’s what Mezrich did with this story and the movie version never did it an ounce of justice.


So there you have it. My top “unputdownable” reads. What do you think of my selections? Did any of your favorites make it on this list? Thank you for reading this post. Let’s chat in the comments! And, as always, happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Top 5 “Unputdownable” Reads | Top 5 Tuesdays

    1. I was a fan of science fiction, but I had absolutely know way of knowing just how much The Martian would mean to me, it was just such an amazing book. I was really stoked to see it on your list, too!

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    1. It’s such a special series. I can totally understand your motivation! That’s awesome!


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