May Wrap-Up

We’ve reached the end of May! Wow, May really flew by fast for me. I almost can’t believe it’s over. But in that time I still managed to get through quite a few books (15), though a few of them are comics/graphic novels, so those don’t usually take me as long to read.

Still, I’m proud of what I accomplished this month, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the breakdown:

Book Rating/Page Count:

  • Total Pages: 2,840
  • Total Books: 15
  • Total Read Harder Challenge Books: 3 (Angelfall, Butterfly Swords, & Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me)
  • Total Reading Women Challenge Books: 2 (Angelfall & Butterfly Swords)
  • Total Our Shared Shelf Books: 0

I hovered around the same page count as last month, despite reading more books, but I attribute this to my reading several graphic novels this month, which tend to be shorter.

This month I took it a bit easy on Reading Women. Our Shared Shelf picked a book I only just read (Pachinko, click here to see my review!) for the months of May and June, so I did not need to fill a reading requirment for it.

I read a wide spectrum of books this month, as in there were some that I loved and some I really, really didn’t like. But let’s take a look at the book that I loved the most and the book I disliked the most this month:

Favorite Book This Month:

Cover of "Damsel" by Elana K. Arnold

My review for this book will be forth-coming. I was really, really wowed by it, though I know it has some mixed reviews from other folks. I think what Arnold has done here is really unique and interesting and it’s quite a feminist tale. I love the fantasy of it and it slashes through fairytale tropes with a battleaxe, I love it!

Least Favorite Book This Month:

Cover of "The Umbrella Academy: The Apocalypse Suite" by Gerard Way.

Oh boy, this graphic novel. There’s been so much hype around the Netflix series and I will probably watch it, but you know me: I have to read the original first! And I gotta say – super unimpressed with it. I don’t know Gerard Way, I haven’t listened to his music nor seen anything he’s produced artistically, but this story is all kinds of hot mess. The plot is broken to bits all over the place, there is zero character development, and it’s just way too short to tell a complete story. If you want to read more about what I have to say about it, you can check out my Goodreads review, because I’m not going to be doing a full review on this blog.

How about you?

How was your month of reading? Did you meet any of your goals? What was your favorite book you read this month? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

  1. I think i will just watch umbrella academy without reading the graphic novel 🙈
    I keep hearing negative things about it..



    1. Yes. I highly recommend just skipping the comic completely (which feels totally against my usual stance on reading the book before seeing the film adaptation, but this comic was just so, so poorly put together!). It’s super short (180 pages), so it’s not a lot of time wasted, but I did feel it was a waste of my time.

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