Past, Present, & Future Book Tag | Book Tag Thursday

I’m always on the look-out for cool book tags to do and I read Wonderfilled Reads‘s post of this tag and I knew I had to try it! Definitely go check out her post! She cites Bookish Pisces as the originator of this tag, so go check out their tag, too!

So, let’s get to it:


  • Find a book published 10+ years ago.
  • Find a book that will be published THIS year.
  • Find a book that will be published NEXT year.

These should all be books that you would want to read and that you could add to your TBR if they aren’t already and if you need help finding older books Goodreads does give comprehensive lists.

The Past:

Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick (2009)

Book cover of "Nothing to Envy" by Barbary Demick

I am actually planning on reading this book this year as one of my reading challenge prompts. I have been interested in the Koreas for a while now and I’ve read a couple of books that deal with North Korea. This is a journalistic non-fiction book and I’m really excited to read more about this country.

The Present:

The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee (2019)

Book cover of "The Downstairs Girl" by Stacey Lee

I am so, so excited for this book. Not only does the mystery of it sound excellent, I’m really looking forward to the period-drama of it, as well. I haven’t read too many books that take place in the south, but I’m curious to see how Lee addresses the race and gender roles, since these are a big factor in the plot. I’m mostly excited to see the world through this character’s eyes.

The Future:

A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer (2020)

Book cover of "A Heart so Fierce and Broken" by Brigid Kemmerer

If you saw my review for A Curse So Dark and Lonely, then you’ll know I am a big fan of this series so far and yes, I am completely excited for this sequel! I am thrilled that it will be coming out so soon after the first one, which was only published this year. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Thoughts & Thanks

And thus, a small look at some of the books on my TBR. This tag is short and sweet and so much fun. Consider yourself tagged and link back to me so I can check out your awesome answers!

Also, thank you so much for reading this post. Let’s talk in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. Until next Tag Thursday, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Past, Present, & Future Book Tag | Book Tag Thursday

    1. Right?!!!! I’m so, so excited. I was relieved to see that it was coming out so soon, so we don’t have long to wait! Is it 2020 yet?!

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