Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together

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Not going to lie – this list was soooo hard to make. I honestly had to wrack my brain for a long while to come up with five couples. Like Terry from Brooklyn 99, Sara loves love!!! When I read a book that has a romance I love…you better believe I’m going to be rooting for that couple forever, hope that they make it, won’t consider otherwise.

And honestly, there aren’t a whole lot of couples that I do not like. So, there’s that. I also just really don’t think about whether a couple will last beyond the confines of the story or not. But here is my list – apologies to anyone whose favorite couples I’ve talked smack about.


I will warn now of spoilers for any of the books I discuss, so if you’re worried about reading something about a book you have not yet read and still plan on doing so, you have been warned!

1. Maddy & Olly (Everything, Everything)

My main decision for choosing this couple is that they’re both teenagers. And also, Maddy has just discovered that she doesn’t actually have SCID, so she can really go anywhere and see the world. And in seeing that world, it’s likely that she’ll realize she has more options than Olly. And likewise for Olly. I just am really skeptical of teenage romance lasting. Call me a pessimist, but that’s how I see it.

2. Wade & Art3mis (Ready Player One)

To be honest, the book ends with the very, very beginning of their relationship. I know they spend much of the book building up to it, but for me…it could go anywhere. Is Art3mis (aka Samantha) the one for Wade? Who knows! But honestly, I didn’t feel any special spark between them. Nothing about their interactions made me think OTP!!! They were pretty lukewarm, in my opinion.

3. Macy & Wes (The Truth About Forever)

Again, a teenage couple and as much as I love, love, love the buildup to their relationship…they have their whole lives ahead of them and I don’t know that Macy and Wes will always be on the same page. Yes, I understand that most of the problems they had were due to Wes already having a girlfriend through most of the book…but doesn’t that say something about his character? I get that he doesn’t necessarily cheat, but he is seriously on the line, flirting with Macy, pretty much falling for Macy, all while having a girlfriend…I can easily see them parting ways in the future.

4. Anna & Étienne (Anna & the French Kiss)

Okay, this is the most surprising of my picks (to myself). When I first read this book, I was crazy about Anna and Étienne, no lie! In fact, I was obsessed. But I’ve since cooled down about it and I recognize the problems that are existent between them, namely that Étienne basically cheats on his current girlfriend with Anna. It’s true, he even gives her a book of poems (love poems!) and circles his favorite one that basically says his feelings for her. Oh yeah, he’s cheating (not physically, but emotionally). And there is that saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Now I’m not saying that I think Étienne positively would cheat on Anna. But they’re young and, as I’ve said earlier, it’s rare for teenage romance to last. And yes, I know they’re engaged later in the series, but I didn’t read that far and that doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

And last, but not least…

5. Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter Series)

Yes, I’m going there. Folks, I’m going to be straight up honest and pretend that the “Epilogue” in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows doesn’t exist. Not only do I want to know how things turn out that far down the line immediately right after the end of the series, but also…I don’t agree with it at all. Namely, that Ron and Hermione last. To me (no hate), I don’t even see how they end up together. Do I believe that opposites attract? Not always and certainly not in this case, or, more importantly, and then leading to marriage and kids.

I honestly didn’t feel any chemistry between Ron and Hermione throughout the series and no, I’m not a fan of boys making fun of girls because they secretly like them. Ron and Hermione spend most of the series fighting and it is not pretty. Also, I think Hermione is much too ambitious to let someone like Ron hold her back, and I think he would hold her back. I really don’t even know how he ends up being an auror because even that seems way beyond his skill-set. To those of you who feel I’m giving Ron a bad rap…I’m sorry. It’s just how I feel and nothing is likely to change that.

They don’t belong together as a couple and I certainly don’t think they would get married or, if they did, that it would last. #Hermionedeservesbetter

Thoughts & Thanks!

What do you think of my selections? Did any of your choices make it on this list? Thank you for reading this post. Let’s chat in the comments! And, as always, happy reading!

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    1. Nice! Yeah, I felt like I had to stretch it with Hermione and Ron, since J.K. includes an epilogue with them years down the line, but I feel, realistically, that would not be what happens. I don’t see them even making it to the married stage…

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