What is #StartOnYourShelfathon?

Hi guys. I’ve come across a really amazing thing: #StartOnYourShelfathon.

#StartOnYourShelfathon is a 2020 star-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of #StartOnYourShelfathon is to read as many unread books on your bookshelf as you can between December 13th 2019 and December 31st 2020.

#StartOnYourShelfathon isn’t an ordinary readathon too! The mascot of #StartOnYourShelfathon is Castor the Star Collector who is also a sloth friend of The Quiet Pond, who has lost all the stars he has collected over the years and needs your help to find them again.

For every book that you read as part of #StartOnYourShelfathon, you collect a star that you can add the star to your ‘star map’. Read books, collect stars, give yourself an amateur star-collector name, and create constellations! You can read Castor’s story and find information about and resources for the readathon here.

My #StartOnYourShelfathon Goals

I want to be gentle with myself, so as not to stress myself out with something that I think is a really fun idea!

So, for my goals, I am planning to read one book per month during 2020 that I have on my bookshelf.

My #StartOnYourShelfathon TBR

Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff

This book is essentially the story of a marriage, it’s ups and downs. I first heard about this book from a segment on NPR and it sounded interesting, so I went out and bought it. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now and I really want to make sure I get to it this year, which is why it’s the perfect choice for this readathon!

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

This book focuses on immigrant life in the years after WWII and there’s a bit of romance, as well. I bought the book after seeing the movie (yes, I didn’t read the book first!). I have not yet read anything from Toibin, but I’m looking forward to reading this one. I hope to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the movie.

Trouble Never Sleeps by Stephanie Tromly

This is the final book in the “Trouble” series, and if you haven’t read any books from this series, I highly recommend it. It’s funny, it’s zany, and it’s got compelling a compelling thread of mystery. I bought this the day it came out and I’ve been meaning to read it for so long! Well, now, with this readathon, here’s my chance to make good on this!

Aimless Love by Billy Collins

This is a book of poetry by Collins, who I really love. He’s a great poet to read if you think you don’t like poetry. I picked this book because it has some of my favorite poems of his in it, but also that it brings together many selections from previously published poetry collections of his along with some new ones. I’ve been meaning to read through it for a while but as of now have only read a handful. I’d like to finish it this year!

Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story by Roger Daltrey

A memoir from my favorite member and lead singer of the band The Who! I bought this as soon as I came across it (at Target of all places!) because I absolutely love Daltrey and I want to hear his story. I don’t usually go for memoirs, but if they involve people I have an interest in, I’m willing to give them a try.

Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

Have you seen the movie The Arrival? It was based on a short story in this collection by Chiang, and yes, that’s the reason I purchased this book. It’s been so long ago, and I still haven’t read it. Normally, I don’t like reading short stories, but I’ve heard good things about Chiang’s writing. I hope I enjoy it as much as I did The Arrival.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

A mystery involving old friends meeting up after a long time in an isolated location…I bought this as an easy read between challenge books, but I never got the chance to read it this year. I was planning on reading it during October, for a spooky read, so perhaps I’ll save this one for October 2020.

The Butchering Art by Lindsey Fitzharris

This is a non-fiction book focusing on the history of surgery in the Victorian era. I’ve had an interest in medical history for a while now and I enjoy coming across books like this that spark an interest. I picked up this book at a book sale and have not yet cracked it open. I’m generally pretty squeamish, but I’m hoping that reading about that kind of stuff won’t affect me as strongly as seeing it.

Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling

This is the sequel to Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, a middle-grade story about a girl who was born without arms and her life in a new school. The first book was really heartwarming and very diverse, which was one of the things I love most about it. I’m excited to see what this sequel has in store.

Vicious by V. E. Schawb

A sci-fi/fantasy about two friends who then become arch-enemies. I have been interested in this book for soooo long and have not yet read it. I purchased a special edition copy, even! I hear good things about this book and the author from so many people. I am excited to make it a solid goal to read it this coming year!

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

A friendship that ends in a mysterious vanishing…sign me up! I knew about this as a movie, first, then became aware that it’s based on a book. So I went and put it on my TBR, and yes, I also bought the book – and it has the movie poster (ech!). But I’m interested since most of the mysteries I read deal with a dead body. I am curious about the “mysterious disappearance” aspect of this book.

Bonfire by Kristin Ritter

An environmental lawyer returns to her small hometown for a case and begins digging up a scandal she wasn’t prepared for. I am a big fan of Ritter as an actor and as a fellow knitter. I was excited to see that she’d written a book and I bought it right away. I still haven’t read it, but I hope to get to it this year.

Join #StartOnYourShelfathon!

If you want to join #StartOnYourShelfathon, you can read more information in the readathon information post at The Quiet Pond.

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