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Hello again! It’s Tuesday, and of course that means it’s time for a Top 5 post. Top 5 Tuesdays and their topics are brought to you by Shanah @ the Bionic Bookworm. Check out her blog, she’s awesome, and this page for the list of topics for February!

I had to really think about this one. I sometimes forget how deeply books affect me and I have to go back and look through what I’ve read. Anyway, I have quite a few that I could have picked, but I’m pretty confident my list truly represents my Top 5…until a new book gives me a hangover!

Anyway, here are my Top 5:

How I Live Now – Meg Rosoff

This is a weird one to start with, but I think I have to put it on here because when I read it, which was years ago, I felt a really odd affinity for it and when it was over, I really wished that there was more. I wasn’t ready for the story to be over. I can honestly say that I was thinking about this book for days and I think, still, to this day, no other book has really affected me the same way as this one. If you haven’t read it, I can’t recommend it enough, though I know it probably isn’t for everybody. There are elements to it that others find very off-putting (there is some incest between cousins), but I just really, really love this book. It’s a dystopia but unlike any I think you’ll ever read.

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Oh, “sick lit,” why do I read you? You walk in knowing that you’re going to be messed up by the end, but you do it anyway. I think this was the first book I’d ever read that fit under this genre and boy was I unprepared for the crying. I really, really connected with these characters and I was honestly not prepared for the end at all. Why, John Green, why did you have to kill off my favorite character? I have a pretty bad record for this. Anyway, after I read this book, I was definitely in a funk for a while, trying to reconcile my hopes and dreams with the reality of its ending.

Halfway to the Grave – Jeaniene Frost

Yeah, I’m throwing a curve-ball here, and rep-ing the paranormal romance genre. I will be honest and say that this was not a book I was prepared to like, let alone love. Paranormal romance is only borderline interesting to me (yeah, I know I loved Twilight with a burning passion), but this book just sounded like it would be so…cliche? And it is in many ways, don’t get me wrong. But honestly, I really enjoyed the heck out of it! Enough that after I finished I was dying to get my hands on the next one. A friend lent me this copy and I was practically banging down her door asking for the next. And when she took too long…well I bought myself a copy. That’s how bad this hangover was. Yikes.

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

This was one of those books that really came out of left field and knocked me for a loop. I love reading mystery and I was really intrigued by the blurbs for this book, especially as it was compared to Agatha Christie and Gosford Park, one of my favorite murder-mystery movies. But once I actually read this book…blown away. I couldn’t believe how good it was and after I finished, I immediately wanted to turn around and read it again. It had me thinking about it for days and days. I wanted more, for sure, and I can’t wait for anything else Turton might write.

Harry Potter Series

Okay, you had to know this was going to be on here, right?! I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make many other people’s lists. I mean, I grew up with these books. My generation was standing in line at midnight for the release of these books, that’s how bad our hangovers were! I loved reading each and every one of these books and I never wanted the magic to end. This was a definitive moment in my childhood and I honestly can’t compare it to anything else. It’s just a really great memory and I still re-read this books to this day.

Thoughts & Thanks!

So, what books make your list? Do any of your book hangovers match mine? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Thank you for reading this post. And, as always, happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Books That Caused a Major Hangover | Top 5 Tuesdays

    1. Thank you! Your list is great, too! I need to check out some of those titles! I haven’t read any of them! I’m actually going to be reading Scythe soon, so I’ll let you know if I, too, get a book hangover from it 😆

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    1. I do hope you like it! It’s so different than you’re typical murder-mystery. Let me know what you think!


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