Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh

Hello again! It’s Tuesday, and of course that means it’s time for a Top 5 post. Top 5 Tuesdays and their topics are brought to you by Shanah @ the Bionic Bookworm. Check out her blog, she’s awesome, and this page for the list of topics for April!

Somehow I completely bungled my post from last week, so I want to take a moment to apologize for not getting it out there. I know it’s silly, but I hate letting anyone down or letting myself down. It’s a funky time and with my schedule being the way it is, it’s hard to keep track of what day is which!

Anyway, I am happy to post this week on books that make me laugh because honestly, those are the best kind! So let’s get to it!

The Martian by Andy Weir

I know I end up promoting this book a lot, but it honestly makes me laugh out loud! Mark Watney is one of my favorite characters of all time. The story is excellent, and it’s unlike anything I’ve read before or since. This book definitely brings some needed comfort when I’m feeling blue or need a good laugh.

How to Invent Everything by Ryan North

It’s hard to describe this book, because it’s nonfiction, but it’s got a narrator that is from the future and has written this book for time travelers in case they get stuck in time. It sounds weird, but this book is so funny! Even though the book is essentially a how-to on basically creating stuff as if they hadn’t been invented yet, the commentary is so hilarious! I urge you to check it out.

Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett

This is actually one of the only books I’ve read by Pratchett. I know, that’s crazy, but he’s definitely on my need-to-read-more-of list. This book is essentially a collection of short stories and the fantasy element is so great. I loved how quirky the stories were and how unique. One story is about people who live in a carpet – like, teeny tiny people living and surviving amidst the carpet hairs. Strange but very funny! I definitely recommend it.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

If you love Star Wars, you have to read this series. It’s a middle grade book, but the things that you know and love about Star Wars are all there. It’s the story of a boy learning to become a Jedi. Yoda’s in it, and he’s hilarious. I also really love the illustrations by Brown. He’s written some other humor books as well. He’s very funny!

Horseradish by Lemony Snicket

If you’ve read A Series of Unfortunate Events, then you’ll be familiar with the type of humor in this book. It’s nonfiction,and it’s basically a group of quips and witticisms from Snicket. It’s very funny. I would recommend it if you want a laugh. You don’t have to read it cover to cover, just flip through and find a page. Or, if you like, you can find a category to fit you mood, since they’re all sorted thematically.

Thoughts & Thanks!

What are your favorite books that make you laugh? Did any of yours make it on my list What humorous books should I check out next? Let’s chat about it in the comments?

Thank you for reading this post. And, as always, happy reading!

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