How to Be an Antiracist | Quick Take Review

This book was an instant-purchase for me. Due to the current climate, I felt reading up and learning about things that I can do personally to change this country for the better is within reach for me at this moment in time. Of all the books that I’ve seen popping up that I could read, I gravitated to this one and I’m so glad that I purchased it, not just because of the monetary support, but because it gave me the opportunity to highlight and comment how as I was reading, which is a way for me to actively learn.

So, I want to do a quick review on this in case anyone is thinking of reading it or wondering where to start with all of this push for change.

Quick Take on:

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

  • This book is a 5-Star for me; It’s an excellent starter for anyone wanting to contribute to being a part of the solution, with lots of real-world examples of how to be antiracist.
  • So much to think about, so much that I learned and can apply to my everyday life.
  • Racism is explored from so many different angles that truth emerges in such a clear, obvious way that it cannot be ignored.
  • The structure in this book is so strong – moving from one idea to the next, it just flows, and you’re slowly brought on an awakening that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.
  • Lots of food for thought; I honestly would read a chapter and stop to think and ruminate on what I read, then come back for another serving.
  • The writing is clear and precise, and conversational, too – I felt like I was being taken by the hand shown the path towards antiracism.
  • Must read; honestly, you need to read this book – and his other books! I need to get a copy of Stamped from the Beginning. I feel fully equipped to go on a journey of antiracist activism now.

Thoughts & Thanks!

Anyone planning on reading this book? No? Let me know in the comments! I hope to have many discussions, both about this book and this topic in general. Let me know if you’ve read it, want to read it, or have read something similar that you can recommend me!

And, as always, thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

3 thoughts on “How to Be an Antiracist | Quick Take Review

  1. I am planning on reading this book. Anti-racist rhetoric can sometimes be really good, and other times…not so good. Sometimes it veers into a whole nother level of bigotry of low expectations and such. But I believe this is written by a man of color, so I have some high hopes for it.


    1. Yes, Kendi is a person of color. The point of this book is to bring up the fact that we need to try framing things in anti-racism, instead of not-racist. His point is that anyone can be racist, and even if you are not racist sometimes, that doesn’t mean you can be labeled not-racist. It’s a constant battle. People can be not racist one moment and racist the next, whether they realize or not. This book does a really good job of showing just how that works and how, to truly fight racism, we need to get rid of racist policies, first, and replace them with anti-racist policies. Once these policies are in place, people can easily realize how much better the world is, because these policies are equalizers and help everyone. I highly recommend the book. It certainly helped me!


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