January Wrap-Up

Here we are, one month in to 2021. It almost doesn’t feel like it’s been a month, and at the same time, it seems it’s been such a long one. I feel pretty happy with how much I’ve managed to read this month, and I’ve read a few good books! A couple duds, too, but overall, I’m sticking with my plan of taking it easy and not overwhelming myself.

What I Read

The Quantum Weirdness of an Almost Kiss by Amy Noelle Parks (ARC)

Pages: 368

Format: eBook (ARC)

Rating: My New Favorite Thing

I absolutely love this book. It’s so, so cute and romantic. I love all the characters and the story is really interesting, weaving math and romance together, a combo I never would have thought I’d find interesting, but it totally works! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a sweet, light romance.

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When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain by Nghi Vo

Pages: 128

Format: Paperback (personal copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This was a great sequel to the first book. I really enjoy the format of this series, which captures oral storytelling and uses it as a way to develop the world. The characters are interesting and very diverse. I enjoy the way Vo manages to provide such rich detail within just a novella-length.

Check, Please!, Book 2: Sticks & Scones by Ngozi Ukazu

Pages: 336

Format: Paperback (library Copy)

My Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

I think I actually enjoyed this book better than the first! The characters felt more developed and the story took a more interesting turn. I also just really enjoyed all the hockey and the camaraderie. If you’re into sports fiction, I’d definitely recommend it.

Heartstopper: Volume One by Alice Oseman

Pages: 278

Format: Paperback (library copy)

My Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This book is so cute! It definitely lives up to all the hype. I really like the graphic style and the characters are super cute, funny, and have interesting lives and conversation. It was a really enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Heartstopper: Volume Two by Alice Oseman

Pages: 320

Format: Paperback (library copy)

My Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

I enjoyed the first book so much I went straight out and got the second one. It is just as cute and wholesome as the first! This story is just too cute for words and I love it so much. I don’t know why, but I’ve been reading a lot of sports-themed graphic novels. Who knew that was a niche genre I’d enjoy so much.

Wench by Maxine Kaplan (ARC)

Pages: 400

Format: eBook (ARC)

My Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

This book was very disappointing. I was expecting more from the description, but it ended up being a hot mess of a book. I really didn’t enjoy any of the characters and I had to slog through it. I certainly don’t recommend it, myself, though I’m sure many will enjoy it. It just wasn’t my thing.

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New Kid by Jerry Craft

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback (library copy)

My Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This was a really great story. I enjoyed getting to know Jordan and seeing him learn to navigate his new school. Craft dos an excellent job of creating a relatable story and dynamic characters. I definitely recommend it!

Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko

Pages: 416

Format: Audiobook (library copy)

My Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

This book was very odd. From the summery, it sounds like a dark Harry Potter, but it ended up being very bleak, absurdist, and raised more questions than it answered. I can’t say that I liked very many of the characters. It’s just very long and dark and doesn’t change much over 400 pages.

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Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Pages: 382

Format: Paperback (personal copy)

My Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This was my second time reading this book, and I enjoyed it just as much. It’s very action-packed, gripping story and I love the characters. I wanted to read it again so that I could start the next book. I am determined to finish the series this year.

Total Pages: 2,884

Total Books: 9

How about you?

How was your month of reading? Did you meet any of your goals? What was your favorite book you read this month? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Nice! Isn’t it great when you read one hit after another! I always super charged when several books in a row are good. I’m glad you had such an awesome month of reading! Thank you for reading my post 🙂

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