Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had | Top 10 Tuesdays

Welcome back, it’s Tuesday, which mean’s it’s also Top 10 Tuesdays, which is now hosted by Jana @ThatArtsyReaderGirl, make sure to check her blog out!

This week, we’re taking a look at some characters whose jobs I wish I had. It’s an interesting thought, since I do love my current job, but who doesn’t consider “in another life, I’d love to do ___”? So below are some of the characters whose jobs I think would be fun to have (assuming I’d be capable of doing that job, in this fantasy world).

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Princess Cimorene | Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Cimorene has always been one of my favorite characters, period. But in this case, I love the idea of being an assistant to a dragon. I mean, how cool would that be!? It would be quite the adventurous life and I’d love being around all the magic.

Hercule Poirot | Hercule Poirot Mysteries

The idea of being a private investigator has always sounded so cool to me! I don’t want to be part of actual law-enforcement, I just want to be an amateur sleuth, the one people come to when the police write them off or can’t figure it out themselves. That would just be so fun, I feel.

Celia or Marco | The Night Circus

I would like to try being a magician – and in this case an actual magic-magician! The things I could create! My imagination is pretty strong, so I think I’d make a good magician! This just seems like a really interesting job to have, and I’d probably never get bored.

Mark Watney | The Martian

You know I had to bring The Martian into this! Astronaut! If I weren’t terrified of space, I think this job would be really cool, and rewarding! Not only would I be able to see life outside of Earth, I could be helping further humanity’s understanding of our universe. Pretty cool stuff.

Luigi Lemoncello | Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

I think it would be absolutely fantastic to be the owner of a futuristic, mind-boggling library like Lemoncello’s. I mean, Not only would making “escape-room” high-stakes games based within my library be a blast, but I’d also be able to nerd-out all the time with other book nerds. I am seriously jealous of Mr. Lemoncello’s job.

Rachel Cartland | Every Hidden Thing

Hasn’t everyone wanted to be an archaeologist before? Anyone, at least, who has seen Indiana Jones! This book, and Rachel in particular, really made me wistful about the prospect of being an archaeologist, discovering dinosaur bones. I mean, I could have a dinosaur named after me!

Inej Ghafa | Six of Crows

I’ve always dreamed of how cool it would be to be a bad-ass fighter in some fantasy world. Inej also gets the bonus of being part of a heist team, which also seems incredibly cool. I would hope I’d have the grace under pressure that Inej has!

Goldy Bear | Goldy Bear Culinary Mysteries

I mean, this is a combo – I like the idea of being an awesome chef (and catering), but also getting to be an amateur sleuth on the side. I’d love to solve crime while whipping up fantastic dishes that wow people. I just love food so much!

Catherine Crawfield | The Night Huntress Series

Cat is basically Buffy, only she’s also part-vampire. I just really want to go around slaying vampires and other badies! Ever since I saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this has been a fun thought to imagine. I’d love to be super competent, super strong, and take no shit.

Claire Randall | The Outlander Series

Being a kick-ass nurse also seems like a cool job. And, to boot, being in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by men in kilts…Yeah, I’m definitely in it for being a nurse. That’s the job for me!

How about you?

Who are some characters you’d like to be? What jobs appeal to you? I had a lot of fun thinking about the many different lives I could have in these characters’ shoes. Any of my picks make it on your list? Let me know, let’s chat in the comments!

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