March Wrap-Up

March was…an interesting month. I feel like I read sporadically, mostly because I have been dividing a lot of my time up into side-projects.

Also, I have discovered that I’m a lot slower when I read ebooks than physical books because I have a hard time dealing with not being able to “see” my progress. Yes, I can see what percentage of the way through the book I am, but I’m not able to visibly see my position in the book. Also, I have a hard time not knowing how long a chapter is. Like, with an ebook, I can’t really “skip a head to see how many pages the chapter is.” I could, but depending on where I’m reading the ebook, it changes the configuration of the book or it’s difficult to “flip” back to where I was. I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but ultimately I have discovered that my brain just doesn’t enjoy the “reading” aspect of reading an ebook like it does with physical books. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s what I did manage to read this month:

What I Read

Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: Poems by Joy Harjo

Pages: 160

Format: Hardback (Library copy)

Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

I thought this was an okay collection of poems. It was definitely different than any other poetry book I’ve read. I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I know my general taste and this book just didn’t hit the right notes for me. I can’t say that it’s a bad book, because poetry is like art, I might not like this particular piece, but someone else does. There wasn’t any one poem that stuck out to me and made me want to read more of her work. I still might, though.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Pages: 288

Format: Hardback (Personal copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

I enjoyed this book. It’s very simple, easy to read. I would consider it the perfect “palate cleanser” or a book to help break up a readers’ block period. I would definitely recommend it, as it’s short and the writing style is very open and accessible.

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The Lives of Saints by Leigh Bardugo

Pages: 121

Format: Hardback (Library copy)

Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

This book was just okay, for me. Most of the stories are the same structure re-formatted in a slightly different way. The only ones I really liked were: “Sankta Anastasia,” “Sankta Vasilka,” “Sankt Nikolai,” and “Sankt Lukin the Logical.” I think Bardugo is a good writer, but these stories don’t really reflect that. If someone is a fan of the Grishaverse, then maybe read it, otherwise, I’d say give this one a pass.

Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi

Pages: 400

Format: ebook (ARC)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This book is a difficult read, but it’s so worth it. It hits you hard, but the journey the characters take is interesting, relatable, and bittersweet. If you want to know more of my thoughts, check out my review for the book.

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Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Pages: 430

Format: Hardback (Library copy)/Audiobook(Library copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This wasn’t as good as the first, but I just love the setting of the first one so much that this one was never going to top that. However, the story is still very gripping and I’m excited to read the next and (final?) book of this series. I know there are more books but…I don’t know if they continue this particular story. I might end up reading those, too, if this series concludes well enough!

Heartstopper: Volume 3 by Alice Oseman

Pages: 384

Format: Paperback (Personal copy)

Rating: My New Favorite Thing

I mean, this series has already been my new favorite thing, but I’m so glad that I find each book just as enjoyable. I look forward to more books!

Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie

Pages: 265

Format: Audiobook (Personal copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This isn’t my favorite Poirot book, but I still enjoyed it. Rather than being one full story, it’s a series of short stories all told from Poirot’s friend Hastings’ perspective. I always enjoy listening to the audiobook for Christie’s stories. They always pick such good narrators – in this case, David Suchet (who plays Poirot in television series), read the book and he’s, of course, fantastic.

Nadiya’s Kitchen by Nadiya Hussain

Pages: 272

Format: Hardback (Personal copy)

Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

I was hoping to like this cookbook more! I love Nadiya and she always made such amazing stuff on GBBO, but I don’t think I’ll be making too many recipes out of this one. I liked a handful, but the rest are just okay. It didn’t wow me. But I will certainly enjoy watching her cooking shows any day!

Total Pages: 2,320

Total Books: 8

How about you?

How was your month of reading? Did you meet any of your goals? What was your favorite book you read this month? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up

  1. Great wrap up! I hope April is just as good for you. I am reading The Midnight Library this month and I am really hoping I will like it but a bit worried because it is so hyped!

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    1. Yes, there’s a lot of hype with that one. I did enjoy it, but I read it with a book club and it seems to be a polarizing book.

      Liked by 1 person

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