April Wrap-Up

I went a little-off course on my reading this month, but only because I’ve picked up several very long books to read (400+ pages). Otherwise, I think I did fairly well and I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve read this month! I’m really looking forward to next-month’s reads, but at least one of the books I meant to finish in April will have to carry over into May, but that’s totally fine.

Anyway, here’s what I did manage to read this month:

What I Read

Pride & Premeditation | Tirzah Price

Pages: 368

Format: eBook (ARC)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This was such a fun book to read! I’m a big Jane Austen fan, so I was excited to see how Price would re-imagine this classic story into a murder-mystery, and I have to say, she did an excellent job! I loved seeing these beloved characters placed in new positions and situations, the writing was smart, and the plot was intriguing and definitely kept me guessing.

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The Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern

Pages: 498

Format: Audiobook (Personal copy)

Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

I actually began reading this book back in January then put it down for a bit before taking it up again to finish. It was not what I was hoping it would be and it definitely let me down, since I am a huge fan of Morgenstern’s first book (The Night Circus). I thought there was just too much going on and Morgenstern should have picked one or two ideas and flushed those out more. Instead, it’s a very hodgepodge story with forgettable characters and a “romance” that falls flat. The writing is often overly poetic and flowery (like the author is trying too hard). I do not recommend.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd | Agatha Christie

Pages: 286

Format: Audiobook (Personal copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

As with most Christie novels, I enjoyed the read immensely. I particularly like listening to the audio of these books because they have such excellent readers for them. This book is read by the amazing Hugh Fraser. I have been slowly working my way through the Poirot series now and I love this one. It had an unexpected ending and the mystery itself was very intriguing. If you haven’t read any Poirot novels before, this one is a good one to pick up, you don’t really need to know much about Poirot at all in order to enjoy the mystery.

The Forest of Stolen Girls | June Hur

Pages: 384

Format: eBook (ARC)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

I love this book. It’s the second one I’ve read by Hur and it is just as awesome. I love the topics she chooses to write about. The setting, Joseon-Period Korea, and the characters, mainly women, and the mysterious/threatening atmosphere all make for an incredibly compelling read. I am definitely going to continue reading books by Hur and I look forward to her next book!

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They Called Me Number One | Bev Sellars

Pages: 227

Format: eBook (Library copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This was a very emotionally-charged book and I learned so much from Sellars about the treatment of Native/First Nations peoples in Canada. This memoir is her recounting of not just hers, but her mothers’ and grandmothers’ experiences attending Canada’s Residential Schools, where Natives were forced to attend school. These dehumanizing schools were horrific and Sellars’ brave memoir is chock full of details about the school she attended. It’s a harrowing read, but a very important one.

The Westing Game | Ellen Raskin

Pages: 182

Format: Audiobook (Library copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This is actually a re-read for me. I read this a loooong time ago, in elementary school, and I really enjoyed it then. I decided to read it again to see if I still would enjoy it as an adult and I totally do! It’s a middle-grade mystery book and it’s so cleverly written. It features a really diverse cast of characters and I forgot just how complex the story is. I recommend it, if you haven’t read it. It’s a short, fun read!

Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business | Lyla Lee

Pages: 96

Format: Hardback (Library copy)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

This is a super cute beginning chapter book about a girl whose new at her school and is the only Asian-American student there. In order to fit in, she begins swapping her seaweed snack at lunch to curious classmates. It’s a really fun story, the illustrations are very cute, and it deals with some really important topics. I’m planning on reading the rest of the series, as well!

The Republic of Birds | Jessica Miller

Pages: 288

Format: eBook (ARC)

Rating: Definitely Worth the Read

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a middle-grade fantasy novel but very much influenced by Russian culture. There are yagas, enemy birds, and a firebird egg that must be found. I really love the world-building in this and the magic is super cool! I also am in love with this cover! It’s a really easy, enjoyable read. Definitely look out for my review which should be coming up next week!

The House of the Spirits by Isabelle Allende

Pages: 448

Format: Paperback(Library copy)/Audiobook

Rating: Ok, But Not My Cup of Tea

I enjoyed the writing of this book, but overall it just wasn’t my thing. I don’t really enjoy family sagas and none of the characters really appealed to me. I was angry that the character I hated most ends up living through the whole thing and gets to have a peaceful ending despite causing so much harm and suffering to so many people. It was a pretty unsatisfying ending. I love Allende’s writing and this book is a 3-star for me. I wish I could rate it higher, but I just didn’t enjoy it enough.

Total Pages: 2,777

Total Books: 9

How about you?

How was your month of reading? Did you meet any of your goals? What was your favorite book you read this month? Least favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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