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It’s Tuesday, which mean’s it’s also Top 10 Tuesdays, which is hosted by Jana @ThatArtsyReaderGirl, make sure to check her blog out!

Anyways, here’s the list

This week’s Top 10 Post needs a little explanation, so I’ll pull a quote from @ThatArtsyReaderGirl:

My birthday is today, so celebrate with me by granting the wishes of your friends! This is a popular thing to do on Twitter, but today we’re blog hopping. List the top 10 books you’d love to own and include a link to a wishlist so that people can grant your wish...After you post, jump around the Linky and grant a wish or two if you’d like. Don’t feel obligated to send anything!

So, this post is a list of my top books on my wishlist! This is not my birthday, so I’m not going to include any links for people to grant my wish, it’s just fun to share what books I’d love to own. A few are because I’ve read them and really enjoyed them and want to read them again, and a few are because I think they sound so cool and I’m sure I’ll probably like them enough to want to have them.

Anyways, here’s the list

1. Mary Wears What She Wants | Keith Negley

This is such a cute, empowering picture book, of course I want it!

2. Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix | Mark Bittman

Everyone needs a few solid cookbooks to refer to and Bittman is king in the world of cookbooks that teach you elements of food. I checked this book out from the library once and knew I wanted a personal copy right away.

3. The Forest of Stolen Girls | June Hur

I read the ARC of this and loved it. I totally want a personal copy, because I’ll definitely be reading this one again.

4. When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain | Nghi Vo

Loved the first one, love this one. I own the first one and I’d love to own this one, too.

5. The Heart Principle | Helen Hoang

Ditto for this book! I own the first two in this “series” and I know I’ll love and want this one, too.

6. Stamped from the Beginning | Ibram X. Kendi

I own Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist and I love it and learned so much from it. I know I’ll learn even more from this book, and I think it’s one of those pivotal non-fiction books that I just want to have in my personal library.

7. The Travelling Cat Chronicles | Hiro Arikawa

This book made my cry and I can totally see myself returning to it as a mood read, so I’d like to own a copy of it.

8. Project Hail Mary | Andy Weir

I’ve heard such good things about this book and I loved Weir’s The Martian, so I’m willing go out on a limb and say I’ll love this one, too. So yeah, I’d like to see it on my shelf, right next to The Martian.

9. Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book | Britta Teckentrup

Yes, another picture book! This one is gorgeous. All of Teckentrup’s books are gorgeous, really, but this one is my favorite.

10. The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea | Axie Oh

I know that I’m going to love this one, from the description. I also am in love with this cover art. I think it would look very pretty on my bookshelf!

How about you?

What are some of your top wished-for books? Please post yours in the comments and share the love! I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for stopping by!

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