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Just a weekly update on my current reads and a few thoughts I currently have about them. I’m interested in tracking my feelings over the course of reading a book, because sometimes they change wildly and rapidly. Check in on Wednesday if you’re curious to see what I’m up to.

P.S. This will never be a comprehensive list of everything I’m actually reading because…well, I dabble. This is just a list of books that I am currently committed to and am actively reading daily.

Fire with Fire | Destiny Soria: I’m digging this, so far, only a few chapters in. I’m super into dragons, so this was a must-read for me. Just met the dragon, so things are looking up!

Sabriel | Garth Nix: This is a re-read. I loved this series when I first read it as a teenager. I’m re-reading it (been meaning to forever!) because I snagged an ARC that is billed as a prequel. Listening to the audiobook this time around. Still as great as I remember it! Nix is such an underrated Fantasy writer. Why hasn’t this series been made into a movie yet!?

My Basmati Bat Mitzvah | Paula J. Freedman: I’m reading this for a Reading Women prompt (books with a biracial main character). This has been very funny! I’m a quarter of the way in and I’m loving the mix of Indian and Jewish culture. Tara is such a fun character, I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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