Titles or Covers That Made Want to Read/Buy the Book | Top 10 Tuesdays

It’s Tuesday, which mean’s it’s also Top 10 Tuesdays, which is hosted by Jana @ThatArtsyReaderGirl, make sure to check her blog out!

Anyways, here’s the list

Anyways, here’s the list

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss | Amy Noelle Parks

This is a combo of both the title and the cover making me want to read this book. I love the color scheme, the cute illustrations, and the title is just so funky that I knew I had to read it. Spoiler alert: it’s excellent!

The Empress of Salt and Fortune | Nghi Vo

I was really drawn in by this cover. Again, I love the colors. The images are also slightly quirky and it just intrigues me. I think the title also probably had a hand in me wanting to read it. The second book is great, as well!

If I Had Your Face | Frances Cha

I’ve talked about this cover many times and how much I love it. I was definitely drawn to this book because of the cover. It played a major part in me wanting to read it.

The Guinevere Deception | Kiersten White

I am always intrigued by books that mention anything related to Arthurian legend. That, plus this beautiful, beautiful cover. I wasn’t disappointed, either!

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle | Stuart Turton

This title definitely made me want to read this book. It is just so mysterious and different than any book titles I’ve ever seen. I also happen to love the cover, as well, but the title was definitely what drew me to this one.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London | Garth Nix

Just as the previous book, the title for this book made me want to read it. I also happen to love Garth Nix, so this was a win-win for me.

Queen’s Shadow | E.K. Johnston

Cover, cover, cover hands down! This was my first Star Wars novel I’ve ever read, and I knew I wanted to read it because Queen Amidala was is one of my favorite characters. This cover is beautiful.

Descendant of the Crane | Joan He

I love the cover of this book, and I think that’s really what made me want to read it. The illustration is so beautiful, I’d hang it on my wall, seriously!

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge | M.T. Anderson

Honestly, I almost picked Anderson’s Landscape Drawn with Invisible Hand, but I chose this one because it has a slightly quirkier look to the cover. This book just looks and sounds so oddball, I knew I would read it. It lives up to the weirdness, in a good way!

These Violent Delights | Chloe Gong

Any title that comes from a Shakespeare quote is going to interest me, but especially a Romeo & Juliet one. The cover is also beautiful, so it was a mix of both.

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3 thoughts on “Titles or Covers That Made Want to Read/Buy the Book | Top 10 Tuesdays

  1. Maybe because I’m left-handed, the “The Left-Handed Booksellers of London” title jumped out for me, and brought up questions. Did all the left-handed booksellers form a club? Why? Were they getting strength in numbers to defend against the right-handed booksellers, who were harshly criticizing them? And the tagline above the title is fantastic.

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