April TBR

March, March, March. I feel like I didn’t get anything read in March. But, April is a new month, and I’m going to be kinder to myself and not set the bar high. Some of the books on my to-read for this month are relatively short, plus some are ones I’ve already started reading. I hope to finish all of these this month, but of course we’ll see.

Here’s the plan:

Once Upon a K-Prom | Kat Cho – I’ve been sitting on this ARC for a while, and the pub date is creeping up on me. I’ve been wanting to read it, but now it’s finally time to set everything aside to do it. I’m really looking forward to it, since I’m hoping it’ll be a K-Drama in book form (which I would absolutely love).

Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure | Alex T. Smith – I’ve been wanting to read this middle-grade book for a while, but my library didn’t have a copy. But now, we do, and I’m so excited to read it. It looks absolutely adorable and I love penguins, so win-win!

Station Eleven | Emily St. John Mandel – I actually started this book back in January, but unfortunately my copy was due back at the library, and there’s a long waitlist, but I’ve finally gotten it again and I’m so excited to finish it. I love the writing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about!

The Girl in the Tower | Katherine Arden – After having just read The Bear and the Nightingale, I am so excited to jump straight into the next book. This series is checking all my fantasy boxes and I’m in love with the main character, Vasya. I hope this second book is as good as the first!

The Color of the Sky is the Shape of the Heart | Chesil, translated by Takami Nieda – Even though this book is actually more novella, I didn’t manage to read the ARC in time for pub date, but I don’t feel too bad, as this book was already published for a while and this is a new translation. I have been enjoying it, it’s an interesting collective of vignettes from this Korean girl’s life in Japan/USA.

Woke Racism | John McWhorter – This is another book that I’ve been waiting for from the library and it finally came in. Luckily, it is quite short, so I think I should be able to finish it before having to return it! It sounded interesting and I’ve been trying to vary my literature. I enjoy reading non-fiction, and I hadn’t read anything in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this book is all about.

What books are you reading this month?

If you’ve read any books from my list, let me know what you thought of them. Do you have any of these selections on your TBR? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to chat with you.

Stay tuned for reviews. Thanks for stopping by!

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