It’s been a while. But here I am. And so many things have changed since I was last on here. I had no intention of semi-abandoning this blog, but I did. Life got in my way, anxiety got in my way, stress got in my way, and a handful of other things.

But I have new goals and new ideas, and I want this blog to continue, to succeed, and to connect me with the book blogging world like it used to. So I’m here again, and things might be different than they were, but I’m here for those changes and I hope you will be too.

For those who have still continued to come back to this space, thank you. It means a lot. And I hope to see you in future posts. For those who are new and just checking this space out, welcome! I’m in a bit of a transition phase here on this blog, but I promise that I will make it something worth while for you.

Stay tuned 🙂


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