So, if you’re a frequenter of my blog, you might have noticed some changes that occurred. I’ve rebranded. Yes, it’s a new development, but it’s one that I’ve been mulling over for a long time.

I want to get back into blogging, but I want it to be something that I’m excited to return to each day/week/month. I have been wanting to match this blog to my own interests in the hope that this will motivate me and help me relieve some of the stress I feel about keeping up. If I look forward to my blog, then I will continue to cultivate it and help it grow. This will be more powerful if I feel the blog best represents me and my interests.

So, I am now tying my book reviews to my other love: knitting! This is still mostly a book review blog, but with the added bonus of me sharing some of my knitting pursuits + book-inspired knits/patterns with you!

Also, I have tweaked my rating system a bit. It is now as follows:

5 Skeins of Yarn = Re-Read Worthy

4 Skeins of Yarn = Highly Enjoyable

3 Skeins of Yarn = It Had its Moments

2 Skeins of Yarn = Not for Me

1 Skein of Yarn = DNF or Wish I Had

I hope you will continue to support me on this journey – you’re comments, likes, follows have kept me going and have made me feel gratitude for this hobby of mine. I hope to continue to provide you with sold book reviews/recommendations, inspire you with all things creative, and bring you some book love.

Thank you and much love,


2 thoughts on “Rebranding.

  1. I can very much relate! I’ve been going through the same process as well to increase my own motivation and I look forward to continuing to read your reviews with a new cozy knitted theme!

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