Happy New Year!

I hope you all are having an excellent start to the beginning of 2023. As for me, I am looking forward to all the new books I will read this year and the many challenges that might come my way.

Speaking of challenges, it’s time I mention my first reading challenge I plan to enact this year:

I’m doing the 12 in 12 Challenge!

This has been going around on social media and I thought it looked like a really fun challenge! Essentially, the goal is to get 12 of your friends to each recommend one book for you to read in the coming year, thus 12 book recommendations. This shakes out to 1 book per month, though, knowing me, that might be fudged a little bit!

I put out a call on my various social platforms and was blessed to have many responses, making it easy to fill out my chart. I got some great suggestions and I’m looking forward to not only reading these books, but hopefully having some really lovely book discussions with each of the people who recommended books to me!

Anyways, here are the books I’ve been recommended to read for my 12 in 12:

🌟The Book Thief
🌟YA Historical Fiction
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
🌟Magical Realism/Historical Fiction
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟Wrong Place Wrong Time
🌟Recommended by my mom!

🌟Stillhouse Lake
🌟Recommended by a work friend

🌟Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
🌟Literary Fiction
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟The Resting Place
🌟Recommended by a work friend

🌟The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
🌟Sci-Fi/Space Opera
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟The Black Prism
🌟High Fantasy
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟Kingdom of the Wicked
🌟YA Fantasy
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟Unwrap My Heart
🌟YA Urban Fantasy
🌟Recommended by a friend

🌟Small Things Like These
🌟Literary Fiction
🌟Recommended by a family friend

🌟Home Before Dark
🌟Recommended by a friend

So this is my 12 in 12 – what’s yours? There are a lot of fun templates out there for different socials. If you’re participating let me know or link your list below!

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